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Today, with so much information right at everyone's fingertips thanks to the internet, many people choose to not hire an event planner or only hire a planner for the day of their event. 

In the Moment Events will always recommend hiring a planner and find it money well spent. However, we realize that not everyone has room in their budget to hire a coordinator, or for other reasons choose not to. We decided to create a middle ground and are very proud to announce Ask the Planner as our most recent addition to our services!

Ask the Planner provides a place where anyone planning an event can ask their event specific questions and within one day have answers from our team of professional planners. Since most people have never planned larger scale events it can be a daunting task. Finding answers to questions, the right vendors, and solutions to DIY projects can also be very time consuming. That's were Ask the Planner comes in handy.

During the beta testing we offer the service for free. The answers to your questions will help build  our knowledgebase where in the future couples will hopefully be able to find answers to most of their questions on their own.  

Setup your free beta account today and start asking your event questions here:

I came across an article in about Unique Wedding Boutonnieres and it made me think back a few years. Brenna, a dear friend and former client put the trust in me to not only coordinate her wedding but also take part in creating her flowers. We met at the SF Flower Mart a few months before the wedding day to scope out what was available and then we went back a few days before the wedding at 2 AM in the morning to pick out the cream of the crop.


Brenna has an exquisite taste in colors and flowers and endless creativity. She was able to with pictures and detailed descriptions tell me what she wanted her bouquet and centerpieces to look like. 


Brenna's dad had created these amazing toy robot heads that we put into the bud of a Calla lily. I'm not sure if I will ever have a bride top this creativity.


To top off the creativity, Brenna asked each bridesmaid to make their own bouquet. We set up flowers, ribbons and tools right after the rehearsal on the evening before the wedding. It took them less than an hour, the girls had a blast and the end result was amazing.


Photography by: Mark at MV

Registering for your wedding is not as simple as it used to be. Most couples already live together and don't have the need for that famous toaster or any of the other usual wedding gift suspects. Most guests however still want to show their support for the new couple with some sort of gift. Hmm, what should we do?  Not to worry! Here are a few creative wedding registry ideas:


Fund your Honeymoon - My husband and I really wanted to go on our dream honeymoon but couldn't afford it ourselves. We setup an account with Honeyfund and with the help of our guests could help us achieve our dream. Now, isn't it tacky to ask for money, you might think. That's where something like Honeyfund is great! You setup the trip of your dreams with tours, spa treatments, activities and dinners. Your guests then pick the items they want to support you with based on the amount they want to spend. You are not just asking for money but your guests can have a lot of fun taking part in planning the trip of our dreams. 


Amazon Wish List - What better place then Amazon to select any item you might need. They deliver and have fantastic return policies. You wouldn't even need to leave the comfort of your home if you had to send something back and money goes back into your Amazon account to use against any future purchases! Personally, I just love amazon and use them for bulky household items I don't like carrying up the steps to our house. I'm not sure our UPS delivery guy is as happy with them.


Etsy - If you haven't already visited Etsy I strongly recommend it. It's a great resource for any DIY wedding projects where you might want the look of DIY but don't have the time to "Do It Yourself". Also, you can now register to have your family and friends by you that amazingly unique gift that you can't seem to find the money to buy but would love to have hanging on your living room wall or be decorating your side table. I wish this was around when we got married!

This is just a few options. I'm sure you have more to share so please let me know what unusual wedding registry ideas you have come across.

In March 2011 I had the pleasure of meeting with Christine Yen and Helen Belogolova at a NACE function. They asked if I would consider taking a moment to review a new web resource they were working on. We met a few weeks later at Starbucks and they showed me their fantastic idea. venuetastic_office_team_smaller.jpg

Today, that idea is reality and Venutastic has been born. Venuetastic is an online database connecting venues with people who are looking for a space to host an event. You can narrow your search based on location, size and type of event and the type of venue you are looking for. The search results are displayed with an image of the venue, location, cost and capacity. You have the option of selecting multiple venues to compare them against each other. Each listing includes more detailed information about each venue, more photos, how to including prices  more pictures of the venue, details of the space and it's easy to find contact information for each location. 

Now, the most awesome thing with Venuetastic is that they don't just list the regular venues we all know about. No, they have new and interesting spots like the Farmhouse Mansion, in Bernal Heights or the Bohemian Loft on Mission Street. 

I'm really looking forward to continue to use this tool, and I wish Christine and Helen the best of luck in growing their business into something even bigger!